Members of The Greater Topeka Partnership

benefits of the Topeka Networking Council


Download and print this application

TNC Member Application 2017

Fees are $230 for your first year and $180 per year for renewals. This includes your business card padfolio and name badge.

Who can join TNC?

If you believe in customer service, community involvement, leadership, and continuing education, then TNC is for you.
How often do we meet? TNC meets every Thursday at noon. Additional gatherings may be planned as well. Attendance is required. TNC believes that people dedicated to making their business successful will be responsible enough attend regularly.


•  Increased exposure to other businesses in the community

•  Increased business through referrals

•  A business card holder for all your TNC member cards

•  Participation in up to 50 networking meetings per year

•  Weekly educational tips on business skills and improving your sales

•  Referral slips to share leads

•  Invitations to social events and Chamber activities

•  Lunch each week with friends who want to help your business grow and succeed


At Topeka Networking Council, we believe in making Topeka a better place to live. Our members are actively involved in the community, volunteering their services and time wherever they can. As a group we have supported such organizations as Junior Achievement, St. Jude's, Brighton Place and the Topeka Christmas Bureau. TNC contributes to the business community by hosting additional networking opportunities outside of our regular meetings.