•  TNC allows only one person from each profession to join.

•  Weekly meetings are 60 minutes on Thursdays from Noon to 1 pm.

•  Meetings are held in the south conference room at Lawyers Title of Topeka, 5715 SW 21st Street.

•  The last meeting of each month is dedicated to council business and is for members only.

•  All members and guests must represent their primary business.

•  Member attendance is important and required. Only three absences are allowed every six months.

•  If you cannot attend, you may send a substitute and it will not count as an absence.

•  One-on-one meetings between members are encouraged outside of weekly meetings.

•  Prospective members can visit three meetings before submitting an application.

•  New member applications may be downloaded from the web or obtained from the membership chair.

•  New member applications are reviewed and voted on at the monthly TNC business meeting after a prospective member has attended two regular meetings.

•  The membership chair will notify applicants of the membership status immediately.

Download and print this application

TNC Member Application 2017

Fees are $230 for your first year and $180 per year for renewals. This includes your business card padfolio and name badge.

Who can join TNC? If you believe in customer service, community involvement, leadership, and continuing education, then TNC is for you.
How often do we meet? TNC meets every Thursday at noon. Additional gatherings may be planned as well. Attendance is required. TNC believes that people dedicated to making their business successful will be responsible enough attend regularly.

Prospective Member Information

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